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Management of Requests

If you are a coordinator, you can view and respond to registration and rights change requests pertaining to your data domains. Once a request has been responded to by a coordinator or administrator, the request will be locked from additional changes. 

To view the list of requests pertaining to your data domains, do:

  • You will see a list of requests made by your correspondents and other coordinators.     
  • Sort the list of requests in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.
  • Search for specific requests by entering filter terms in the search field.
  • Editable and non-editable requests are indicated with pencil and lock Action icons.

To respond to an Online Registration Request, do:
  • Click on the pencil Action icon corresponding to the request.


  • Choose a response by clicking on the Select a Status dropdown menu at the bottom of the request.
  • To refine the request to which you want to respond to, you can deselect permissions.
  • Click on Save Profile to submit your response.
To respond to a Rights Change Request, do:
  • Click on the pencil Action icon corresponding to the request.
  • Expand the Rights Change Approval section under Newly Requested Rights.
  • The correspondent's current permissions are listed under Data Domains.
  • Edit your approvals and denials.
  • Click Save Rights to submit your response.
Once an approval or rejection is submitted, you will receive a confirmation of receipt email and the correspondent will receive a notification email with response details.

For the change(s) to be applied, administrative approval is needed. Once it is given, the correspondent will receive an email with approval details.
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