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Global SDMX- ML Submission

Global SDMX files can be uploaded in the Integrated Collection System. The reports must be in XML format. To submit:

     1. Sign into your account from  .

     2. Set the submission mode of your data domain to Global SDMX-ML.
  •      Click on the Reporting Preferences button and select Global SDMX-ML.
  •      The buttons Submit and Metadata (if available) will be displayed.
     3. View the upload pop-up window.
  •      Select the Upload button. 

     4. Upload the report.
  •      Add files to the upload queue. The file name and size will be shown for each file.
  •      Click on the Start Upload button to submit the file(s).
  •      Before the upload is completed, the file format will be validated. The file extension must be .XML.
Once the Global SDMX-ML file is uploaded, you will receive a confirmation email with submission details. 

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