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Open to everyone, registration allows you to request a new user account. To submit a registration request, do:


  • Enter your profile information in the Correspondent Information section.
  • You must provide a Given/ First nameFamily/ Last name, Prefix, Country/ Reporting Entity, Email Address, and Reporting Scope.
  • The provided Country Code must be a positive numerical value; may include positive signs (+).
  • The provided Office & Mobile Phone and Fax numbers may only include numerical values, dashes (-), and spaces ( ).
  • The provided email addresses must be in the format of "__ @ __ . __" .
  • Select the country data domain and metadata report permissions to be requested for in the Reports Allocation section. You can navigate to this section by clicking on the Next button or the section tab. 
  • You must select at least one permission.
  • Data domains are listed under the previously selected Reporting Scope and organized by sector.
  • Metadata reports are listed under Data Dissemination Bulletin Board.

  • Preview and/ or submit your user registration request in the Preview section.


  • Once the request is submitted, you should receive a confirmation of receipt email. When administrative response is given, you will receive notification emails of the next steps.                                                                                             
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